Occupation up to 3%

After speaking with Hilary at The Organic Farm Shop in Cirencester, I realized just how poorly large farming corporations are suffering, having control of only 97% of farmland in England. Organic farms (with their daunting 3%) are bullying these heavy lobbying corporations with their pesticide free vegetation and acceptable living conditions for animals. Big agro, cowering in fear that their 97% might turn into 96.9999999999999999%, are scrambling to blur the lines between humanely treated animals, and animals with the worst possibly living conditions for any (even semi sentient) organisms. Specifically, The Organic Farm Shop is in the midst of creating an education system for local and non local children to get first hand knowledge of what it means to take care of animals, grow healthy vegetation and question where their food comes from. To fight back, large corporations are putting even prettier pictures of farms on their packaging and controlling much of the subsidies the government gives to GMO products, as they have some of the most highly paid lobbyists and lawyers that money can buy. Good luck corpers.

Home grown veggie, no pests please

Home grown veggie, no pests please

Interviewing the CEO

Interviewing the CEO

Corrupt Big Nature

Corrupt Big Nature


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