Whole Lotta Lunch

Today, I had to rip the heads off of rainbow trout – something every Bar-Mitzvah boy must do. This was in preparation for tomorrow’s private event that we are catering featuring Robert Plant, the guy who used to dance in front of John Bonham. Everything on the BioAqua Farm is super organic and pesticide-free. It is as healthy as In A Gadda Da Vida. Antonio and Amanda have created this utopian farm that uses a minimal amount of waste as the water in the fish tanks supply the water and nutrients for the robert plants. The bob plants absorb the nitrates from the fish waste and the water flows back into the tanks. Fresh…exciting. Antonio is a wealth of information and offers courses to those staying in Somerset, UK for weeks. I am getting a three day crash course from morning to evening from this true expert in the field of aquaponics. He is also a great laugh and it’s been a long time since I did the stroll.


Smokin’ in the Boys Room


A Lesson to Kill…get your two fingers under the gills then snap its head off. (Most humane and still gruesome)


Scooping Out Organic Victims

This Kale Pays Rent

This Kale Pays Rent


There is Blood on Your Hands


The Pitter Pâté of Little Feet


Kollecting Cale



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