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Robert Plant Only Eats Organic Trout Pâté

After harvesting the veggies and rainbow trout, we helped Antonio and Amanda from the Bioaqua Farm set up their stall at the Wildflowers, George Ezra and Robert Plant concert. After the first song, Robert was like “Hey Michael Paoli, you are a good and nice boy, give me another freshly battered rainbow trout sandwich, fried… with some of that D’yer Mak’er mayo garlic sauce.” He ate seven of the garlic pita bread sandwiches and we stuffed extra kale in there because most of it got caught in his goatee. Bobby didn’t bother finishing the concert because he knocked over all the other food stands and claimed “None of this stuff is made from an aquaponic system, so don’t waste your money on it England”. We managed to get him back on stage for an encore but he changed all the lyrics in The Song Remains the Same to “Deep water cultures are a brilliant way for robert plant roots to absorb nitrates in the final stage of the nitrogen cycle”. We also almost got beaten up by a fairly intoxicated man that claimed we drank his apple cider (entirely true).


Poppin’ a Tent

…deal with it.

…deal with it.


Antonio Filleting 200 Trout Like a Surgeon.


The Crew


That’s actually Robert eating another trout cheddar roll.





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