Our Project

About Aquapaolics
This year, my 7/8 math class will be building and maintaining aquaponic systems around our school. Aquaponics is the growing of fish, or other water-based animals, along with land plants in a controlled environment, to maximize the use of space, energy and nutrients. We plan to have a barbecue in April eating everything we grow, including the fish… unless the students decide we shouldn’t.
The kids will also be monitoring water chemistry with sensors and building robotic arms to feed the fish, controlling them from computer anywhere in the world!
Thanks to #fundforteachers and #mathforamerica, I’ve received a travel grant to study urban farming across Europe this summer. I teach grade 7/8 math and science and the plan is to build an aquaponics system in the hallway next year. Thanks to #captainplanet for the grant to buy the materials. The last article in this newsletter is a little more about the project we’re working on.
Fishing on the Upper East Side




Final Plan?

After days of discussion with Jonathan K. And Moti L., I’ve decided to make the vertical wall of growth to be the focal point. Also, having the growbed with clay balls as the first intake of water from the tank allows the solid detritus to be collected and not clog the spouts to the vertical towers. Jonathan also mentioned that we were able to grow more with the vertical towers. The staff of Bright Agrotech was also very helpful in thinking through the lighting. This is also where the vertical towers are designed and patented. Click below to see a sketch. 

Aquaponic Plan 12

Upcoming tasks: 

1) Plumbing

2) Lighting

3) Selecting Seedlings

4) Selecting fish

5) Programming Arduino units to monitor water chemistry

6) Create robotic fish feeding catapult.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.29.09 PM