Aqua Update March 2015

Thanks again to David from Fishkis for the donation of all the blue tilapia…


This month our kids were grappling with the masses of the tank and growbeds. Will the shelving be able to hold all the water, clay pellets and plants? We are also having trouble getting all the vertical towers growing fully while the horizontal one is going mental. The kids are still deciding whether to eat the fish or not, once they become plate size. Some of the arguments the kids came up with are…

– Since we raised them, it somehow feels inhumane to euthanize them for food.

– What is the difference if we order fish in a restaurant or raise them ourselves!? Let us eat!

– Don’t we ingest the same quality of food that the fish ingest? Shouldn’t we care what we feed them?

This clip includes the status of the system as well as a skype conversation with Amy from Bright Agrotech, the merchants of the vertical grow towers…

…and thanks again to Captain Planet for the grant to build the system…aaaaaaand Fund for Teachers for the travel grant…




…deal with it.

…deal with it.