’twas a rough month.

Sorry for the grammar mistake. I teach math so leave me alone. (THEY TILAPIA really should be THEM TILAPIA). 

The kids had in incredible month full of highlights and grievances. We calculated the rate of change of our tilapia to be too slow for them to become plate size by June 2015. We are still debating weather to euthanize and eat them or not. Here are some interesting points that were brought up.

1) Fish don’t have feelings.

A – They obviously do since some react fearfully when a group of us approach the tank.

B – That is just an instinct, it doesn’t mean they have feelings.

A – What is the difference between a feeling and an instinct?

2) Treat them however you want because they are dumb.

D – Fish are not as intelligent as humans are so we can be guilt free of our treatment of them.

E – Does that mean we can treat other creatures or humans differently if we think they are less intelligent?

3) Swings

F – We have experienced a lot of ammonia and pH swings over the past month since we have been feeding more.

G – We need to find the proper plant to fish ratio to keep the ecosystem balanced so the plants are able to absorb the chemicals produced by the fish waste.

Look out for our article coming up in the Wall Street Journal!WSJ


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…deal with it.

…deal with it.

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