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The Final Decision…for now…

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…deal with it.

…deal with it.

Thanks to Captain Planet for the Eco Tech Grant!

Thanks to Captain Planet for the Eco Tech Grant!

1.      How did you guys decide Pablo’s fate? Was there a formal vote? 

I (Michael) wanted a good compromise as the vote was fairly split. I didn’t want there to be a ‘victor’. A good compromise is when both parties are dissatisfied. We decided to spare Pablo’s life but not make a decision on our own tilapia till next year. I can tell you though, there is a group of fairly passionate kids clamoring for fried Pablo. There is also a growing group now that wants to jailbreak and spring all the fish in chinatown markets to bring them to optimal health and re-home them around the greater New York area.  (cue Mission Impossible music)

2.      What has the range of reactions been from the kids?

The kids who want to harvest and eat Pablo are making the most noise. It is getting little weird actually. We’ve already euthanized four 14″ tilapia (see video).

3.      What will you be eating on Wednesday instead? (as specific as possible)

The other thing that brought us over the top was that if we don’t buy supermarket tilapia and don’t kill Pablo, PETA would fully cater the entire lunch for 60 people with fishless fillets, cheese, tartar sauce and fixins. The kids went after PETA about where these fishless delicacies came from.

Did they come from a factory that destroyed a habitat? What are the actual ingredients of these fake fillets? What about all the packaging waste they came in? How many trees? etc…

Most of the kids are upset about this (again a good compromise) but we don’t have to shell out a bunch of cash. We can still use all of our awesome vegetation from the AQUAPONICS system and PETA are delivering their stuff. Also, we still have our own tilapia for next year.
Also, there is a joke that I go by when someone wants to give something for free. The joke is about a kid in a school being asked ‘who is the most important person?’ And the punchline is ‘business is business’. (look it up).
Luncheon scheduled for Wednesday June 24th
**We also made it to Seth Myers monologue last night, but then it was cut sad face.
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