The Socratic Circle

For the past three years, my math/science class has been using The Socratic Circle as a means to create an atmosphere where the discussion is focused among  the students, allowing them to develop their own ideas as well as challenge others. We have used it specifically during our aquaponics unit throughout the year and most recently, where we discuss whether or not to eat the live fish in our system…It has led to some heated debates and allowed the students to really guide the classwork and unit. You will see some of our Socratic Circles on our YouTube channel (below) and  in the Wall Street Journal, FOX and CBS coverage in pasts posts of our blog
3) I have personalized the Socratic Circle and will be giving a workshop on it at Math for America in the Fall.
Here is the blurb…
The Socratic Circle 

Early adolescence is the time when children start to develop more meaningful relationships with their peers, rather than their parents/guardians. They develop these relationships usually through conversation (and probably Facebook but let’s ignore that for now). Teachers can capitalize on this need that students have to connect, by directing their conversation to academic inquiry. The Socratic Circle is a means to allow students to develop thoughtful conversation of an academic idea as well as create meaningful relationships with each other.  It is a format where a scholarly discussion of an essential question takes place in which student opinions are shared, proven, refuted, and refined through dialogue with other students. 

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