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TEDx Talk

We were invited to speak at the TEDx Navesink Conference on April 9th, 2016. To rent a bus to the event, the students raised huge amounts of cash from a bake-sale that put Starbucks and Au Bon Pain out of business.

Afterwards at lunch, we had a discussion with some of the attendees. Some things that I found interesting….

Our kids were bright and charming…however, I felt that the kids that were all too eager to euthanize the fish were the most prominent and were rewarded with laughter because of their ‘witty’ responses. It seemed that the students that were more sensitive to the welfare of the fish would have the unpopular ‘un-fun’ view.  Do you know what I mean? There was some posturing with the idea that ‘to kill was cool’.

Also, one of the students mentioned that animals are on this earth for us to eat, that was their purpose. He said, we are doing animals and the planet a favor by eating them, otherwise, they would overpopulate the planet, especially the cows as they have an added ‘bonus’ of creating a huge amounts of methane. I am slightly perplexed about this as we learned last year that the large number of cows and methane on the planet is because humans have caused them to reproduce at an unnatural rate.

When we get back to class, I’ll have them do some writing then have a discussion to get a better idea of what everyone thinks and make sure all voices are heard.

Also, here is my dad…the Sphinx

Here is the TEDx writeup!




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